In early 2015 we were commissioned by Disclosure to design the screen content for their Caracal World Tour. We continued our Art Direction from the album campaign onto the stage with a 17 strong set of custom visuals. Due to the number of featured artists on the album we also produced a number of shoots to film each collaborator to make their presence felt during the live experience. We worked closely with the artists team and lighting designer Will Potts to create a show where lighting and video intertwined seamlessly. More images can be seen here.

"As for the visual spectacle, the projections and light show were on point, featuring the brothers as stars more than a typical electronic artist..."
- Consequence Of Sound (Disclosure October 2015)

"Every song is accompanied by amazing visual effects that provide a unique aesthetic to each of them, turning the show into a set of many delightful sensory experiences."
- The Upcoming (Disclosure September 2015)

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