Photos Marco Giannavola

Every song is accompanied by amazing visual effects that provide a unique aesthetic to each of them, turning the show into a set of many delightful sensory experiences.

The Upcoming (Disclosure September 2015)

"As for the visual spectacle, the projections and light show were on point, featuring the brothers as stars more than a typical electronic artist..." - Consequence Of Sound (Disclosure October 2015)


Design & Art Direction Studio Moross
Lighting Design Will Potts in partnership
with Okulus James Scott & Louis Oliver
Motion Designers Aries Moross, Linus Kraemer,
Joe May, Rose Pilkington
Additonal Animators Jack Featherstone,
Will Samuel, Christopher Harrison, Hans Lo
Hand Drawn Animation Aries Moross,
Anna Ginsburg, Mable Cable, Amitay Leopold
Graphic Design Charlie Patterson
Intern Lewis James
Live Action Producer Hazel Falck
D3 Programming Icarus Wilson-Wright
Lighting Programmer Will Potts, James Scott
Tour Manager Toby Iddison

" impressive light and laser show, some of the best i’ve seen in the Opera House which is a MASSIVE call"

- The Interns, Meshell Webb (Sydney Opera House 2016)