Nov 2021
London Grammar
London Grammar Tour 2021
Show Casestudy
Lord It's A Feeling
I Need The Night
Wasting My Young Years
Bones Of Ribbon
How Does It Feel


Show created by Aries Moross and Rob Sinclair

Production Design Sinclair / Wilkinson
Lighting Designers Luke Rolls, Ali Pike, Neil Holloway
Creative Direction Aries Moross

Video Design Studio Moross
Art Direction Anna Czuz
Motion Design Santiago Avila, , Dexter George, Thomas Ricquier, Rosalvo Melo, Aries Moross
Notch  Studio Moross

Multi Camera Director Matt Askem
Disguise + Notch Programmer  Ed White

Lighting supplied by Neg Earth Lights
Video supplied by Creative Technology

All Photos by Luke Dyson

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