Nov 2021
London Grammar
London Grammar Tour 2021
Show Casestudy
Lord It's A Feeling
I Need The Night
Wasting My Young Years
Bones Of Ribbon
How Does It Feel


Show created by Aries Moross and Rob Sinclair

Production Design
Sinclair / Wilkinson

Lighting Designers
Luke Rolls
Ali Pike
Neil Holloway

Creative Direction
Aries Moross

Video Design
Studio Moross

Art Direction
Anna Czuz

Motion Design
Santiago Avila
Dexter George
Thomas Ricquier
Rosalvo Melo
Aries Moross

Studio Moross

Multi Camera Director
Matt Askem

Disguise + Notch Programmer
Ed White

Lighting supplied by Neg Earth Lights
Video supplied by Creative Technology

All Photos by Luke Dyson

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