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  • Disclosure Reading & Leeds 2021
Aug 2021
Disclosure Reading & Leeds 2021
Highlights Reel from Leeds + Reading Festival
Watch Your Step ft. Kelis
Energy + Latch
Help Me Lose My Mind + Boss


All Photos by Luke Dyson, Video footage thanks to Tom Haigh www.shotlikethis.com the BBC and Rich Porter.

Show Design Matt Pitman & Aries Moross

Lighting Design Matt Pitman & Dan Crowther for Pixelmappers

Programmer Dan Crowther

Lasers Seth Griffiths

D3 Programming + Notch  Rich Porter, The Hive, Sam Lisher 

Video Design Studio Moross

Motion Santiago Avila, Ashley Back, Sam Barcham, Dexter George, Nic Hamilton, Leio Kirtley, Aries Moross, Rich Porter, Thomas Ricquier

Project Management Ashleigh Evans

Producer Hazel Falck

3D Motion Capture Metastage

Live Action Capture

DP Andy Sladeck Director Aries Moross Runner Marshall Kelly

Management Method, Tobias Iddison

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