Jul 2019
Warehouse Project
WHP 2019
Launch Film

'I love working with great designers and teaming up with Studio Moross has really strengthened the look of my work and sharpened it into something super in line with the WHP feel and more than the sum of the parts. Having an essentially open brief from WHP really helped make this genuinely enjoyable and turned it from 'commercial production of artwork' into what I would consider an artist commission, which is the kind of work I seek to do.' Nic Hamilton

Poster Campaign

'The typeface bridges the gap between the rugged workhorse aesthetic of traditional gothics and the cold utilitarianism of a neo-grotesque, with a splash of subtle exaggerations across some of the characters.' Kia Tasbihgou

Redrawn Logo


Design & Art Direction: Aries Moross, Nick Greenbank, Oscar Torrans
Video & Stills: Nic Hamilton
Design: Liam Morrow
Type Design: Kia Tasbihgou

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